Weird crap from the backyard

Brooke here. Three weeks of flooding has uncovered a lot of weird crap that was buried under the ivy.  Such as… Yes, that is a lifesize terracotta human nose, thank you for asking.  And one and two-thirds cents. It’s literally a penny with a third bitten right out of it.  I blame the two-thirds of […]

Glass is Half-Full, Really

Brooke here. We’re… oh, I think “exhausted” about covers it.  We got a break from the non-stop rain for exactly eight days. A full week-plus of not having to bail out the basement, woo! We made the most of it by catching up on some yard projects we’ve been slacking on due to Bailing, and […]

The Disasterhouse has fan art. Welp.

Brooke here.  We’re enjoying a nice quiet weekend at home with Zu and our trainer’s dog, Nobi.  Our trainer had to go out of town and left Nobi with us, probably on the basis that if we could handle Zu, we could handle a Schutzhund-trained protection dog.  Nobi is amazing, but you’d expect him to […]

Won’t someone please throw up in its mouth already?

Brooke here. If you follow me on Twitter, you’re aware the red-tailed hawks have had babies.  This sounds adorable but it is not!  No, it should sound like what it is: non-stop screaming. Apparently juvenile hawks are extremely vocal.  You know that single hawk call that chimes out over the panoramic shot of the Grand […]

Why haven’t you posted for two weeks? Well…

Brooke here.  My sister yells at me for exaggerating.  She says I blow things out of proportion.  Like how I claimed Brown and I have done nothing for the last few weeks but bail out the basement. See, we got the front lawn regraded and I put down seed and there’s a drywell and a […]

We moved out of our old house because of the HOA. True story.

Dear Mister Peeper-Potts: We have received numerous complaints from community members regarding the current state of your nest.  As you are aware, we have strict standards for the materials and the methods that can be used in nest construction.  If you require additional information on approved standards, refer to pages 1-437, inclusive, in your Meep-Mirp […]

Stay on target…

Brooke here.  Brown’s not home right now, so I had to capture this very special moment anyhow and figured I’d share it with you guys. Whatever frat that bird was pledging?  It’s in.

Castle first, THEN moat.

Brooke here.  I had a dream the other night that Brown and I were adrift in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no trace of water.  We fought, Mad Max style, for survival against marauders in the brutal desert hellscape.  Notice I said dream, not nightmare… Remember last week when the new poured concrete A/C platform was […]


Brooke here. If you get water in your basement, and… If you start a major digging project to control that very problem, and… If you find yourself with one, maybe two hours of work left before that project is finally done, and… If you’re tired and decide to call it a day, then finish it […]