Disasterhouse fanfic!

Brooke here. Yesterday, I tweeted this: Eirik Silvertongue looked thoughtful. "Your battles with the curse are truly the stuff of legend. I will consider how I might aid." — W. Dow Rieder (@Riderius) July 3, 2020 And then, author W. Dow Rieder picked up their pen and wrote the following:

Spring flowers

Brooke here. I tend to look at gardening as either functional or fashionable. Functional gardens are those which serve a purpose besides sense-candy, while fashionable gardens are pleasure first and purpose second.

Dogs, Again.

Brooke here. Time for yet another Disasterhouse blog reboot. I’m paying Real American Dollars to keep the invasive ads off the site, so that’ll help me stick to a posting schedule. If they force me to pay them my dollars I will fill them so full of words they will choke…