Disasterhouse fanfic!

Brooke here. Yesterday, I tweeted this:

And then, author W. Dow Rieder picked up their pen and wrote the following:

You have heard, I am sure, of the Builder’s House in the Nine Worlds.

Of the curse upon it. Of Cutter, the dread implement within.  Of the portal in the cellar to a place of horror.

Of the long ages it spent undisturbed, the prudent and imprudent alike deterred.

And of the day, not long ago, when the sounds began within, the crowd gathered, and the door opened from within.

Kay the Builder, Cutter in hand, stood in the doorway, and looked out upon a fresh world, as the crowd recoiled in fear.

The curse was not broken.  The curse was barely noticed, by a woman who had seen far worse.  Before she stepped through the portal, it is said, to find a leak.  For that water was coming from somewhere, and the portal was just one more place to check.

This is not the story of the Builder’s House.

This is the story of Kay’s house, the house on the other side of the portal.

The Dream House.  The Nightmare House.

The words in the journal entries are hers.

I cannot do proper justice to them.  I will convey but a taste.

The very first entry, ten years past, the chill just a few words bring now.

“The structure is in fantastic shape, with a new roof.”

Read of Kay the Builder, and the House.

We’ve had Disasterhouse fan art before (update: in 2018, the house was indeed covered in bees), but this is the first Disasterhouse fanfic. And now I need to put a cold compress over my eyes and lie down for a bit, because Rieder is right and the saga needs to continue.

In the meantime, check out Rieder’s work! They specialize in serialized science fiction, with a diverse cast of characters which spans generations, worlds, and timelines.

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