Glass is Half-Full, Really

Brooke here.

We’re… oh, I think “exhausted” about covers it.  We got a break from the non-stop rain for exactly eight days. A full week-plus of not having to bail out the basement, woo! We made the most of it by catching up on some yard projects we’ve been slacking on due to Bailing, and by last Sunday I was feeling pretty good about our progress.  Then Brown comes inside and says a large tree branch has come down and flattened the same part of the back fence we repaired last spring. Woo.

As it was so late in the day when he found the damage, we decided to postpone the repairs until next weekend. This turned out to be a really good decision, as a massive storm rolled through Greensboro last night. The storm took down an enormous tree, and the tree flattened approx. 40 feet of that same back fence. So now we have a This, and by This, I mean a morning spent on the phone with the insurance company, because not only is the tree down, but it hit the ground 10 feet from the pool and now the pool seems to be leaking.


In the meantime, check out the sort-of-not-really-progress-maybe-I-guess-it-looks-better? to the front lawn.

45 days ago, before grading.
45 days ago, before grading.
45 days ago, after grading.
45 days ago, after grading.  Grading was done by a Hired Dude to make sure it was done correctly, not our usual DIY-clusterpoopery.
45 days ago, after seeding and straw.  The old slate flagstones are down to serve as a temporary path.
45 days ago, after seeding and straw. The old slate flagstones are down to serve as a temporary path.
Today.  grr.
Today.  grr.

The grass should be nicely thick and full across the lawn, but that’s what three weeks of thunderstorms and flooding will do to grass seedlings.  It’s easy to tell where the grading runs; that bare patch down the center line flows straight into the back yard.  And by flows… Well.  I’ve got more grass seed on its way to fill in the bare spots, but ugh.  Seriously, just ugh.  I love having to do the same work twice.

There’s all sorts of nifty features to the new lawn, like a marsh garden under the fig tree.  I will write up those posts as soon as I find the time, but it will not be today, as I am off to do battle with Insurance.

And if anybody says (Hello Internet I am looking at you!) that we should just use a low-maintenance ground cover, like, oh, say… ivy…  I will never come out of the Weeping Closet.




3 thoughts on “Glass is Half-Full, Really

  1. Good luck dealing with the insurance company. They are all pretty much hell-spawn. Up here they like to do clever things like cancel your policy after you make a claim, and then all the other companies will charge you twice as much, because, hey, you have a claim history! Bastards,

  2. It still looks better than my front “lawn” by which I mean my front weed patch. Good luck getting the pool and fence and drainage problems fixed.

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