Glass is Half-Full, Really

Brooke here. We’re… oh, I think “exhausted” about covers it.  We got a break from the non-stop rain for exactly eight days. A full week-plus of not having to bail out the basement, woo! We made the most of it by catching up on some yard projects we’ve been slacking on due to Bailing, and […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Brooke here.  Back from traveling, maintenance and home posts resume. Me (on phone with my mom): Stuff stuff stuff stuff chitter chatter stuff. Mom: Stuff stuff chitter chatter stuff stuff. Me: Oh.  Hm.  Just fished a black widow out of the pool. Mom:  What? Me: Yeah, it’s almost dead.  I’ll just dump it in the […]

Pool Progress Shots

Brooke here: If I crane my neck in an uncomfortable way, I can see the pool from my office window; it no longer drives me to Irish up my tea (helpful hint: liquor-tea is an abomination).   Since the pool is the single largest project we’ve accomplished thus far, I thought it would be nice […]


Brooke here: Mid-July and August set records on heat and general Oh God, so we called time out on the yardwork.  I would have posted status updates but most of it would literally have been about watching grass grow, so let’s jump ahead to the end result.  Click on the pictures for a better comparison: […]

Projects, with the… and the…

Brooke here: June was the most expensive month of my entire life.  At no fewer than three points did I write a check, pause, and think “This is the largest check I’ve ever written.”  All planned-for expenses, mind, but the first two times this happened I sort of curled up in a chair with a […]

Bricks, Conquered

Brooke here.  After the bat and the black widow and the snakes, I was sure we were past creepy animal posts but there’s something in the back yard that clicks like the freaking Predator so don’t be surprised if there are news reports about my headless skinned corpse.  Well, it’s okay to be a little […]

Return to the Return to the +5 Pile o’ Bricks

Brooke here.  Sorry for the silence; we’ve had a family loss to attend to.   But we’ve still been working, so let’s get away from the ivy: Remember the big pile o’ bricks left over from removing the pool patio?  No?  Okay, let’s do a quick recap. Our heroes fools bought a house with a […]

Chainsawaganza! (I)

Brooke here: Work progresses accordingly, but not in any way that makes it appear as though we are actually doing anything at all.  I’ve been reluctant to post for fear that it seems we’re just lying about doing our due diligence as DIYers.  For example, we just finished the first round of Chainsawaganza.  The “before” […]