Happy Mother’s Day

Brooke here.  Back from traveling, maintenance and home posts resume.

Me (on phone with my mom): Stuff stuff stuff stuff chitter chatter stuff.

Mom: Stuff stuff chitter chatter stuff stuff.

Me: Oh.  Hm.  Just fished a black widow out of the pool.

Mom:  What?

Me: Yeah, it’s almost dead.  I’ll just dump it in the woods.

Mom: Or, kill it.

Me: Well it’s almost dead.

Mom: Yes, but you could also kill it.

Me: But… fine.

I apply a brick.

And then it was goo.

Me (on phone with Brown):  Chitter chatter stuff stuff, black widow.

Brown: Did you kill it?

Me: Mom made me.  She said it was her Mother’s Day present.

Brown: And you spent all that money on a card.

(p.s.: Hating the new WordPress post format.)

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I’m impressed, you would have been able to hear my wife’s scream from three counties away.

  2. Yeaaaah. I’m usually a live and let live guy with regards to spiders. But black widows, brown recluses, and anything that causes serious nastiness with a bite… terminated with extreme prejudice.

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