Do You Want To Play A Game?

Brooke here.  Let’s play a quick little game! What is the worst short phrase you can think of to describe finding a black widow? I’m off to go freak out, and then maybe I’ll spend the afternoon burning down my backyard. p.s.: I cannot believe I have needed to use the black widow tag in […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Brooke here.  Back from traveling, maintenance and home posts resume. Me (on phone with my mom): Stuff stuff stuff stuff chitter chatter stuff. Mom: Stuff stuff chitter chatter stuff stuff. Me: Oh.  Hm.  Just fished a black widow out of the pool. Mom:  What? Me: Yeah, it’s almost dead.  I’ll just dump it in the […]


Brooke here.  The general consensus is that I have killed a black widow with my mighty shoulder. I was filling in the last two stairs with gravel, and I happened to look down at the bag I had just moved from Point A to Point B.  It was… yes.  That. I called Brown and left […]