Precarious Death Stairs, Revisited.

ETA: The blog is being rebooted as an incentive for my Patreon Supporters. All posts go live after a week, but Supporters at the $10+ tiers get early access. Thank you! Brooke here. This isn’t the first post I wanted to put up on the rebooted blog. There is so so so much that needs […]


You might notice a few changes around here over the next few weeks. We’re rebooting, but we’re also ridiculously focused when it comes to tweaking things, so it’s a process. Anyhow. It’s been… This house, man. This house. Have we got stories for you. We’ll be back soon.

Blog Be Rollin’ Again

Brooke here.  North Carolina took a long time to shake off the dickishness of winter–as of two weeks ago, we were still losing power to ice storms on a fairly regular basis–but it’s finally spring! So, time to dust off the home blog and start posting again. …where were we? Let me reread some of […]

Brief Sunday Morning Conversation

Brooke here. Things have been ugh. Have a conversation. Brown: There’s a toy fair today. I want to go. Me: Okay. On the way home, I want to stop by an open house in the rich part of town. Brown: (growls) Me: What? You get to do something you want to do, I get to […]

Yes, They Do Windows. Both Sides, Actually…

Brooke here. We’re Angie’s List members. It’s an… interesting service. It’s rather like paying money to subscribe to an opinionated phone book. I have found that most of the reviews are a few steps above Amazon’s, and pretty much on par with Goodreads: yes, some folks have various axes to grind and they want to […]

Keep Your Distance

Brooke here. No pictures this time, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Yesterday morning, Brown calls me into the living room and points out what he thinks is a raccoon on the other side of our backyard fence. From twenty feet and a window away, it looks like a possum to me; it’s on […]

Butterfly Weed

Brooke here. There is no more ivy on the house. (This is actually not entirely true; there’s a small patch of ivy just off of the front stairs that I keep carefully trimmed.  It is there as a warning to the rest of the ivy, saying, Once, I was many. Now, I am one. Stay […]

Wood rot!

Brooke here. What a delightfully eventful summer that was! I don’t know about you guys, but it seemed as though our friends and family drifted from crisis to crisis, like polar bears trying to find a place to bash a seal over the head in an ever-shrinking ice field… And now summer is over, and […]


Brooke here. So. The last post was July 2, just a little over nine weeks ago. Right after it went up, we got caught in what can only be described as a cascade house failure, where once something went wrong, it triggered problem after problem after problem… And, while dealing with these problems, I’d every […]

Weird crap from the backyard

Brooke here. Three weeks of flooding has uncovered a lot of weird crap that was buried under the ivy.  Such as… Yes, that is a lifesize terracotta human nose, thank you for asking.  And one and two-thirds cents. It’s literally a penny with a third bitten right out of it.  I blame the two-thirds of […]