Brief Sunday Morning Conversation

Brooke here. Things have been ugh. Have a conversation.

Brown: There’s a toy fair today. I want to go.

Me: Okay. On the way home, I want to stop by an open house in the rich part of town.

Brown: (growls)

Me: What? You get to do something you want to do, I get to do something I want to do.

Brown: No, that part’s fine, but when we get home from the toy fair, we aren’t going to look at the toys we already own and say, “Those were a terrible purchase.”

5 thoughts on “Brief Sunday Morning Conversation

  1. I still very much like your house-I do. If you want to feel good about yours, come see mine! I’m learning there’s a reason for everything – even if unimaginable. Hang in their and be grateful for the toys in life. Enjoy!

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