You might notice a few changes around here over the next few weeks. We’re rebooting, but we’re also ridiculously focused when it comes to tweaking things, so it’s a process. Anyhow. It’s been…

This house, man. This house. Have we got stories for you. We’ll be back soon.

10 thoughts on “Rebooting

  1. Looking forward to seeing what has transpired!

    Since you last updated this blog I have acquired my own money pit–I mean, fixer-upper! I often think about your posts when I run into my own examples where previous owners have down things their own, ah… creative way.

  2. My Heart-sister’s husband was a contractor for nearly 30 years. When my husband insisted on buying a Craftsman-style house [c. 1911] in the Hippy-dippy section of town, I called on his expertise for a Hurricane Warning/Run For The Hills Inspection.
    I’ve never heard one man say “Isn’t that PRECIOUS” [Code for “Dear God, WHAT were they THINKING?] so many times in one afternoon.

  3. I was notified of your newest post about Death stairs, but the site keeps saying I need a password to view it, is that my bad?

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