The French Drains (II)

Brooke here: Digging in the Fury Hole continues.  After Brown and I completed the initial cleanout, we took a few days to watch the ground when it rained to see where and how the water moved.  Turns out it moves straight down into the basement.  Not kidding. In the above image, we had taken one […]

Sherman-Williams April Paint Sale

Guys!  Guys! It’s coming!  The biggest sale of the year at Sherman-Williams is April 19-22!  40% off, plus an additional 10% if you’re already in their system as a preferred customer.  Which I am. This public service message has been brought to you by the Cheap-Ass Division of Bleeding Wallets, Anonymous.  

Nothing much, just digging. You?

Brooke here.  It’s been a busy week, so I thought I’d post a quick picture of what Brown and I have been up to. Sooooo…. The hole is six feet wide, thirty feet long, and two feet deep at the lowest point.  The ground is wet Carolina clay that’s interwoven with thick ropes of ivy.  […]

Phase Three – PROFIT

Brooke here. Brown and I were in Whole Foods, Destroyer of Budgets this weekend when we saw this: Brown sat down with a pen and the back of a receipt and threw down some quick numbers. BROWN: “Six inches of ivy at, hm, let’s round up to twelve to make the math easy…  If our […]

The French Drains (I)

Brooke here.  I’ll eventually get back to the bathroom posts, but right now we’re all kinds of furious so you might as well enjoy the ride. So. Long-time readers will remember we’ve been having nothing but problems with drainage on the west side of the house.  Despite the previous owners’ insistence that they had installed […]

The Bathroom Cabinets (1/3)

Brooke here.  I have all of these pictures and blog post ideas ready, and then I realize I should probably, you know, actually write them. Let’s start with the posts about the bathroom cabinets.  This is the first in a three-part series, with audible screaming. When we started planning the bathroom renovation, we priced out […]

The one with the plumbers and the yelling.

Brooke here.  Say what you want about Friends, but their episode titles are lovely and straightforward.  They let you know immediately which episode you were skipping. So.  This is a Hired Dudes post. There were two major snags in the bathroom remodel.  The first is the cabinets and OHBOYHOWDY are those going to be three […]