This dog is ridiculously photogenic, blood smears and all.

Brooke here.

It's not dog shaming when they're proud of themselves.
It’s not dog shaming when they’re proud of themselves.

Since I’m the one who moved it to the garbage and I know first-hand that the head was a little bit chilly, I’m thinking he claimed a hawk kill.  Still, he’s been trying for months, so if it was his kill then go Zu.

6 thoughts on “This dog is ridiculously photogenic, blood smears and all.

      1. Of course he was! Now he has to find another hawk kill to “prove” how mighty he is to any rodent intruders.
        We humans can be so inconsiderate.

  1. Congratulations, Zu! My Tessa tried her whole life and never did succeed.

    Now, the 25 lb cocker spaniel, when he “caught” a possum 1/3 his size because it was playing dead, well. You never saw such smugness. He was bringing it into the house, tailstump held high, head held really high trying to carry the stupid thing, radiating how pleased he was with himself. Our little Mighty Hunter.

    (We shoveled it, undamaged as far as we could tell, into a box. Checked on it later, it was awake and confused looking. We left the box open OUTSIDE the dog yard and it vanished. Hope it wasn’t stupid enough to continue hanging out in fenced yards that smell of multiple carnivores.)

  2. Hmm, recent research shows dogs kill a lot of wildlife/rats/other things. Though not as many as cats.

    Maybe it was a really sick, old squirrel? 😉

  3. My brother’s Irish Setter has too strong of a prey drive to be a sporting dog. He’s actually caught and killed a hapless sparrow in mid-flight across his yard and in one revolting occasion, grabbed and crunched most of a young squirrel while being walked.

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