Dogs, Again.

Brooke here. Time for yet another Disasterhouse blog reboot. I’m paying Real American Dollars to keep the invasive ads off the site, so that’ll help me stick to a posting schedule. If they force me to pay them my dollars I will fill them so full of words they will choke…

Meet Puppy

ETA: The blog is being rebooted as an incentive for my Patreon Supporters. All posts go live after a week, but Supporters at the $10+ tiers get early access. Thank you! Brooke here. A little backstory: last summer, the household picked up a Puppy.

Keep Your Distance

Brooke here. No pictures this time, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Yesterday morning, Brown calls me into the living room and points out what he thinks is a raccoon on the other side of our backyard fence. From twenty feet and a window away, it looks like a possum to me; it’s on […]

The Disasterhouse has fan art. Welp.

Brooke here.  We’re enjoying a nice quiet weekend at home with Zu and our trainer’s dog, Nobi.  Our trainer had to go out of town and left Nobi with us, probably on the basis that if we could handle Zu, we could handle a Schutzhund-trained protection dog.  Nobi is amazing, but you’d expect him to […]