Dogs, Again.

Brooke here. Time for yet another Disasterhouse blog reboot. I’m paying Real American Dollars to keep the invasive ads off the site, so that’ll help me stick to a posting schedule. If they force me to pay them my dollars I will fill them so full of words they will choke…

Meet Puppy

ETA: The blog is being rebooted as an incentive for my Patreon Supporters. All posts go live after a week, but Supporters at the $10+ tiers get early access. Thank you! Brooke here. A little backstory: last summer, the household picked up a Puppy.

Stay on target…

Brooke here.  Brown’s not home right now, so I had to capture this very special moment anyhow and figured I’d share it with you guys. Whatever frat that bird was pledging?  It’s in.

Best. Throwpillow. Ever.

Brooke here. I knew the recession was over when throwpillows started wussing out again… Actually, let’s back up and start this someplace else. Zu is the clinical definition of hot mess.  He’s been doing quite well since Old Dog passed; we put Zu in a kennel before Cutter John was euthanized, and Brown left for […]

Old Dog, Much Loved

Brooke here. Thanks mainly to medical science but in no small part to higher-quality pet foods, humans aren’t the only ones living longer.   The average life expectancy for dogs is rocketing up; most dogs will live several years longer than they would have just a couple of decades ago.  Which worked out great for me, […]