Nothing much, just digging. You?

Brooke here.  It’s been a busy week, so I thought I’d post a quick picture of what Brown and I have been up to.

My back hurts but my butt is a solid slab of awesome.
My back hurts but my butt is a solid slab of awesome.

Sooooo…. The hole is six feet wide, thirty feet long, and two feet deep at the lowest point.  The ground is wet Carolina clay that’s interwoven with thick ropes of ivy.  And we still have to dig the hole for the frog pond.  I have decided that if anyone drags me out to the woods and tries to get me to dig my own grave, they can go ahead and f&$*&^ shoot me first, because my ghost will just laugh and laugh.

7 thoughts on “Nothing much, just digging. You?

  1. What you got there is a whole lot of nothing. Well done.

    Question: That yellow handled tool. What do you call it?

    I would call it a grub hoe but when I image search that I get many other tools. I dug out my share of stumps with one as a kid (if the stump grinder had been invented yet Dad was keeping it a secret!)

    Maybe it’s a “Cutter Mattock”.

    I hate roots.

    1. Its called a contractor’s mattock over her in the UK at least in the building supplies store I use.

      And I really enjoyed Digital Divide btw

  2. I thought the picture looked familiar. I did something similar a couple summers ago digging through WI clay for a decorative ditch and a burial garden. Course I was a monk at the time, so I practiced enjoying the work while I was at it.

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