The New, Improved Labyrinth! (Sans Bowie)

Brooke here:

The shelving system, before.

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time on a roof repairing water-damaged wood and Brown was below replastering drywall, but neither of these were at the new house so they don’t count.  In our absence, Elizabeth rebuilt the Labyrinth.  As most projects do, it started with a single idea which grabbed the bit in its teeth; we planned to slap on some sealant to waterproof the walls and we ended up with an entirely new shelving system.

I feel safe. Don't you feel safe? Click to resize and to better appreciate your safety!

See, the shelves at one time might have been intended to be structural, and yes, there’s a lot of passivity in this sentence for a reason.  The majority of the 2×4 support posts had rotted away at the bottom, leaving… oh, I don’t know.  Peril?

After finishing the first coat of waterblock sealant, Elizabeth pointed out how she couldn’t slather the second coat on the walls until the shelves were down.  I sighed and immediately started ripping out the struts.  Eli lunged forward and said, in the tone of voice used when you don’t want to spook a wild animal, that since we didn’t actually know what was holding up the ceiling we should perhaps postpone the teardown until we installed some new supports.  I could not disagree.

We cleaned out the local Home Depot’s supply of 2x12s and Eli went to town.  New supports and shelves against the far wall came first, and then she backtracked to the wall with the original shelves.  Throughout the process, she sealed the walls with waterblock or primer.  Here’s the breakdown:

The Labyrinth as we found it. Totally fraught with peril, dude.
First coat of sealant applied to left wall, painted around the supports.
Sealant applied to left wall (borders the exterior), primer applied to the right (borders the interior)
New shelves, and some very sturdy 2x12 supports.
Second coat of waterblock sealant, new shelves, and new supports.
Floor has been painted. The new Labyrinth is ready for action. Or canned goods. Perhaps action-packed canned goods.

It’s not really possible to appreciate the difference in the photos, as the feel of the room has been absolutely transformed.  The Labyrinth has gone from a room used to store dead hookers to an actual functioning part of the house.  It is unreal and fantastic.

Oh, and because I promised, here is a picture of the pipes.

Hung at precisely 5'8" off of the floor and running throughout the basement and garage. I'm the only person who can walk around without slamming my head into a poop chute.
Just... just... gah.

My friend Fuzz noted that it is not uncommon to hold pipes in place using aluminum support straps.  I noted it is very uncommon to hold a pipe in place using an unfastened aluminum strap and a single 3-inch long nail.  Which, now that I’m taking the time to actually look at it, appears worryingly close to ripping straight out of the wood…

I’ll be right back.

4 thoughts on “The New, Improved Labyrinth! (Sans Bowie)

  1. OMG, that Elizabeth woman sounds amazing! Do you happen to have her number? (o;

    Seriously, it is great to have some documentation of her work. We always talk about doing “before” and “after” photos of projects, but never seem to accomplish this feat. Great to see how excellent the labyrinth is looking!

  2. What a lovely woman. Wise in the ways of home repairs. Though she fails at storing dead hookers.

    As for things held on by a single nail, I wish I had a picture of the floorboard in geniously laid across one in a busy hallway.

    You have your work cut out for you. And my sympathies.

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