Why haven’t you posted for two weeks? Well…

Brooke here.  My sister yells at me for exaggerating.  She says I blow things out of proportion.  Like how I claimed Brown and I have done nothing for the last few weeks but bail out the basement. See, we got the front lawn regraded and I put down seed and there’s a drywell and a […]


Brooke here. If you get water in your basement, and… If you start a major digging project to control that very problem, and… If you find yourself with one, maybe two hours of work left before that project is finally done, and… If you’re tired and decide to call it a day, then finish it […]

The French Drains (II)

Brooke here: Digging in the Fury Hole continues.  After Brown and I completed the initial cleanout, we took a few days to watch the ground when it rained to see where and how the water moved.  Turns out it moves straight down into the basement.  Not kidding. In the above image, we had taken one […]

And not a single WTF was given that day.

Brooke here.  This is a brief post, no pictures.  My parents are here and I have spent the last week in frantic clean-mode (why is it that I only notice the cobwebs when my parents or Brown’s mother is coming to visit?  We’re talking Charlotte-on-amphetamines webs here, people.  Our spiders aren’t subtle.). Last week it […]

Snakes! (doing it)

Brooke here.  What with the bat and the black widow, at this rate I’m terrified to think of what the next animal-related post might be about: Not that I should complain, what with Louisiana and Mississippi being underwater, but we’ve had quite a lot of rain over the last few weeks.  It’s hindered most of […]

+1 Laundry Room

Brooke here: We’re deep in the post-move ennui, where the work yet to be completed still exists but our bodies make stern fist-shaking threats whenever our minds bring it up.  Fortunately, Elizabeth forges on without us.  Here, look at the laundry room she built: I don’t know if I have stressed the “Eli is awesome” […]

Note To Self – Check Tax Codes

Brooke here: With deadlines looming, I’ve done nothing more exciting than clean.  Well, in this house, “just cleaning” means I’ve qualified for a spot on the U.S. Competitive Danger Mopping Team, but it rather pales in comparison since Elizabeth has gone and built an entire room. The washer and dryer hookups are in the basement, […]

Careful, That’s A Load-Bearing Chessboard

Brooke here: While working in the Labyrinth, Elizabeth and I explored the future wine cellar.  Brown and I had done little more than glance in and shiver, but there was some interesting stuff in there.  We were, for example, especially interested in preventing an impending ceiling collapse (For the record, we’re almost positive the concrete […]

The New, Improved Labyrinth! (Sans Bowie)

Brooke here: Yesterday I spent a good bit of time on a roof repairing water-damaged wood and Brown was below replastering drywall, but neither of these were at the new house so they don’t count.  In our absence, Elizabeth rebuilt the Labyrinth.  As most projects do, it started with a single idea which grabbed the […]