And not a single WTF was given that day.

Brooke here.  This is a brief post, no pictures.  My parents are here and I have spent the last week in frantic clean-mode (why is it that I only notice the cobwebs when my parents or Brown’s mother is coming to visit?  We’re talking Charlotte-on-amphetamines webs here, people.  Our spiders aren’t subtle.).

Last week it rained like Poseidon lost a bet.  Long-time readers will remember that we’ve been having massive flooding problems in our basement, so you’re aware that when it rains, I’m down there with a snorkel and a bucket.  But last week?  The basement was dry as a bone.  We figured we got lucky, somehow… maybe…  So after the rain was done, Brown goes downstairs and checks on the sump.

BROWN: “The sump was off all week.  The sump hole was filled with water.”


We’re slightly angry, as the sump is only a few months old, but he tinkers with it and it turns out the problem was the float instead of the pump, and the hole drains down.  And we go about our business for a few days until he has a brainstorm.

BROWN: “I know why the basement didn’t flood.  The sump puts the water right back on the lawn, and it comes down into the house.  The same area gets flooded twice.”

ME: “BULL… Wait. No.  That makes sense.”

We’ve had people come out to look at the drainage into the basement before, and they couldn’t figure out the sump system (ME:  “Well, who am I supposed to call who would know what’s going on here?”  JOE: “You’d call me.”).  So now we know yet another possible source of the flooding.

And it does not surprise us at all.

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