The French Drains (II)

Brooke here: Digging in the Fury Hole continues.  After Brown and I completed the initial cleanout, we took a few days to watch the ground when it rained to see where and how the water moved.  Turns out it moves straight down into the basement.  Not kidding. In the above image, we had taken one […]

Slightly Less Stinky

Brooke here: As this post deals mainly with physics, there are two things you should bear in mind.  The first is a previous post when I threw in an offhand comment about the waste water plumbing for the washing machine, and the second is that I have almost no sense of smell.   So while […]

The New, Improved Labyrinth! (Sans Bowie)

Brooke here: Yesterday I spent a good bit of time on a roof repairing water-damaged wood and Brown was below replastering drywall, but neither of these were at the new house so they don’t count.  In our absence, Elizabeth rebuilt the Labyrinth.  As most projects do, it started with a single idea which grabbed the […]