Note To Self – Check Tax Codes

Brooke here: With deadlines looming, I’ve done nothing more exciting than clean.  Well, in this house, “just cleaning” means I’ve qualified for a spot on the U.S. Competitive Danger Mopping Team, but it rather pales in comparison since Elizabeth has gone and built an entire room. The washer and dryer hookups are in the basement, […]

Careful, That’s A Load-Bearing Chessboard

Brooke here: While working in the Labyrinth, Elizabeth and I explored the future wine cellar.  Brown and I had done little more than glance in and shiver, but there was some interesting stuff in there.  We were, for example, especially interested in preventing an impending ceiling collapse (For the record, we’re almost positive the concrete […]

The New, Improved Labyrinth! (Sans Bowie)

Brooke here: Yesterday I spent a good bit of time on a roof repairing water-damaged wood and Brown was below replastering drywall, but neither of these were at the new house so they don’t count.  In our absence, Elizabeth rebuilt the Labyrinth.  As most projects do, it started with a single idea which grabbed the […]

To The Basement!

Brooke here: I’m not sure if the basement has been mentioned yet.  It’s an interesting space… I believe the phrase du jour is that it has “a lot of character.”  The floor is gorgeous, with concrete stamped and painted to resemble massive Spanish tiles.  The rest of the room didn’t really match the floor, though.  […]

Shriveled Wrecks of Flesh

Brooke here: We have devolved into creatures good for nothing but generating profanity and hurling fistfuls of money at Home Depot.  Over a hurried sandwich, I tried to explain to Elizabeth that Brown and I have been throwing ourselves into various home improvement projects since early April and it’s frustrating to still not see the […]

Aw Come On!

Brooke here: As deadlines approach (and sadly, we do not have the option of listening to their delightful whooshing sound), our friend Elizabeth has signed on as a Hired Dude Extraordinaire.  She’s fairly terrifying: she works as a general contractor and within the space of five hours she had pressure-washed the entire pool deck, cleaned […]

The Labyrinth

Brooke here: It struck me this morning that I had yet to mention the Labyrinth (well, as it’s more of a tunnel than a maze, it’s more of a La than a Labyrinth, but Labyrinth sounds cooler and has 80% more David Bowie).  The house has this amazing wide, covered front porch, complete with swing. […]