+5 Pile o’ Bricks

Like most modern art installments, the title of "F#^k It, We'll Get To It Later" might reflect on its creators' state of mind upon completion.

Brooke here:

Brick removal is done.  There’s just the slightest, teeny-tiny, eeeensiest smidgen of cleanup ahead of us, but the tear up is finished.  Our friends Elizabeth and Jo came over to help Brown with the heavy lifting on Saturday, and Elizabeth and I knocked out the last fifty square feet or so this morning.   Now comes the estimate for resurfacing the concrete deck, and if it’s in the budget, we’ll proceed from there.  If it’s not, we’ll still get the pool repaired and repainted and the deck will have to wait until next spring.  We can work around a deck made of ugliness as long as the pool is good to go.

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