+1 Master Bedroom

Brooke here:

New carpet has been installed in the Murder Room, which is good as we needed the psychological boost of seeing a project completed.  I still need to touch up the trim and paint the doors, but it no longer can be used in a court of law as justification of homicide.  Here, have some pictures…

The Murder Room, before.
Light coating of primer applied with a brush pad.
Ceiling has been painted and new light fixture installed. Base coat of paint applied with a pad.
Some trim has been painted, and the second coat has been applied with a roller. Dig that pink carpet and how the color cast changes the walls, you hip cats you.
Done! New paint, new carpet. Second-dig that light rust-brown carpet that looks almost purple thanks to an overcast day and a yellow light source, kittahs.

I went with a light color on the walls as our bedroom set is a dark expresso wood.  The color was supposed to be Behr’s “Chocolate Froth” but the gallon tint came out a different color from the chip.  No problem!  Paint companies recently introduced small cans of paint as testers, so you can sample the color on your wall before committing to the color.   I love these paint testers – I’m a mad scientist of color with paint testers.    I went back to Home Depot and picked up a tester sample of a dark walnut brown, added it to the Froth, and worked with it until the color had some depth.

Oh, and just for fun?  Here’s our master bedroom closet.  There’s no way we were going to touch that wallpaper… it needs to be preserved for posterity, even if posterity wants nothing to do with it.  This is for posterity’s own good.


5 thoughts on “+1 Master Bedroom

  1. Congrats on finishing the master bedroom! It looks great. And I love that you are keeping the wallpaper for posterity…it really has a time machine vibe about it.

  2. Good god, this house makes my current renovation nightmare of reflooring 3 rooms and replacing a couple walls look like a weekend arts and crafts project by comparison. I applaud your ambition.

  3. I bought a house in May, and spent a month painting and renovating it. I redid all the plumbing. I redid all the wiring. I painted most of the rooms. After reading this blog, I think I got off lightly.

    As a side note, the wallpaper pattern was clearly plucked from the pages of a Lovecraft story. It has seared itself into my soul and scarred my sanity, and when C’thulhu arises to destroy us all the end of the world will be entirely the fault of your closet.

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