Drill, Baby, Drill

Steve Greene, photographer
Brown brings extra badassery to the good name of the International Order of Gorillas.

Brooke here.

We’ve got new carpet coming this Monday, so I’ve been inside working on the master bedroom and bath; painting with the pink (fuschia?  coral?) cat pee-stained carpet has been remarkably liberating, as this is the first time ever when I didn’t have to worry about protecting the floor.  Half of the paint has gone up on the wall, and half has gone into elaborate concentric patterns on the rug.

Onwards to the pool.  It’s Day 14, and we’re looking at a Sunday deadline.   As the temperature has been hovering around 95 degrees, we’ve taken the last few days off… after a few hours of lugging bricks in that heat, you reach the dehydration limit where you look at the tadpoles and your body decides to join them while your mind screams about contracting malaria or whatnot.   Saturday is supposed to be a delightfully cool 85 degrees (yeah yeah, I realize what I just said), so the rest of the bricks will be removed then.

One last tidbit: on Tuesday evening, we were in the master bedroom and looking down towards the pool.  The pool is a couple hundred feet away from the house, so we could tell there were three… things at the edge of the water, but not what they were.  They were fairly large animals, sitting upright, and we thought they might have been quail.  Two were sitting on the top step of the pool, in the water. The third was walking around the perimeter.  Brown went down to check them out, and they turned into red-tailed hawks and flew away.

So plans for eventual koi pond?  Scratched out.  Pollywog/frog pond with semi-submerged wading platforms for birds of prey?   Inked in at the top of the list.

One thought on “Drill, Baby, Drill

  1. I would have tried to talk you out of the koi pond anyway–we’re in a raccoon and heron area, and you would have provided some VERY expensive dining….

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