+1 Bed

Brooke here: Brown was sick over the weekend, so we had to postpone Chainsawaganza.  In the meantime, I did some projects on the Neverending List of Things to Do that didn’t require heavy lifting.  One such project was repainting a metal bedframe.  We bought the bedframe new last year and we quite like the overall […]

Squirrel Butt

Brooke here: I talk a lot of trash about the house but it’s really amazing.  Yes, I have to get out in the yard and start battling fifty years’ worth of English ivy and wisteria.  Yes, the bathrooms are squalid holes.  Yes, we have a huge snake in the house and we have no idea […]

+1 Master Bedroom

Brooke here: New carpet has been installed in the Murder Room, which is good as we needed the psychological boost of seeing a project completed.  I still need to touch up the trim and paint the doors, but it no longer can be used in a court of law as justification of homicide.  Here, have […]

Redroom . . . redroom . . .

Brooke here: When we first bought the house, Brown and I looked at the budget and came to the (very easy) decision that we couldn’t afford to do all that we wanted to the house prior to moving in.   At the top of the list was repainting the master bedroom; in our old bedroom, we […]