+1 Bed

Brooke here:

Brown was sick over the weekend, so we had to postpone Chainsawaganza.  In the meantime, I did some projects on the Neverending List of Things to Do that didn’t require heavy lifting.  One such project was repainting a metal bedframe.  We bought the bedframe new last year and we quite like the overall design, but it matched the old house, color-wise.  Since almost everything in the new place needs or needed replacing, we picked “oil rubbed bronze” for the items with metal in them — faucets, fans, light fixtures, so on — and used this color to match.  You can see how costs might skyrocket, especially on items that didn’t need to be replaced except for being bright chrome or whatnot.

Hence, spraypaint.  I’ve done most of the little stuff with a single can of American Accents Metallics, which I cannot recommend strongly enough as the color is close to perfect.  It takes a while to dry, however, and a new coat of paint remains tacky to the touch for several weeks.  This, combined with the cost of $12 a can, sent me back to the hardware store.  I found a discontinued line of Krylon metallics and grabbed a bunch of their heavy-duty bronze outdoor enamel paint for $6 a can.   Then I sanded the bed, primed it, and painted it.

Bed after sanding. I thought I'd have to use a handheld grinder or disassemble it to use a bench grinder, but the chrome finish peeled off like an onion skin with some light sanding.
Bed after priming. And yes, the house is BRIGHT FROG-FLIPPING GREEN. With yellow trim. Why? What did you expect?
Bed with paint. The paint was applied in multiple coats over several hours, with dings and blurs sanded between coats. I could have easily used another two cans and felt good about it but the final coat is thick and even.

The outcome was a decent new-looking bed for about $30 (paint plus primer).  The Krylon paint cured quickly and dried smooth and hard to the touch.  Unfortunately, the inexpensiveness of the paint is hard to ignore when the sun hits it…

Sparkle Vampire Princess Home Furnishing Powers, Activate!

If I had gone through a goth phase, I’d be having flashbacks.

After the paint had cured, we brought it into the Murder Room and pow!  No more sleepin’ on the cold, hard ground.

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