The Retaining Wall, I

Brooke here: Remember a few weeks ago when I picked through some stone scraps?  The stone was delivered today. The back yard has a hard slope.  We’ve been planning to put a retaining wall between the section where the garden stairs end and the Vestigial Lawn begins.  The retaining wall is not really a priority, […]

Crazy Lady Digs Through Trash

Brooke here.  You would not believe the month we’ve just had.  Argh. So, spring.  Somehow it just happened in spite of our hectic schedules, and we must either sprint to keep up or watch it pass us by again. Sprinting it is.  If you remember the most recent landscaping post from last November, Brown and […]

Pool Progress Shots

Brooke here: If I crane my neck in an uncomfortable way, I can see the pool from my office window; it no longer drives me to Irish up my tea (helpful hint: liquor-tea is an abomination).   Since the pool is the single largest project we’ve accomplished thus far, I thought it would be nice […]

Thou Shalt Be CLEAN!

Brooke here: Pool and fence projects are coming along well.  I’ve actually been swimming in the pool, although mostly to haul a sump down to the bottom to blow the pipes clean (perhaps a mistake: it was fresh water and the pool company had overshocked it with chlorine, so I spent the rest of the […]

Bricks, Conquered

Brooke here.  After the bat and the black widow and the snakes, I was sure we were past creepy animal posts but there’s something in the back yard that clicks like the freaking Predator so don’t be surprised if there are news reports about my headless skinned corpse.  Well, it’s okay to be a little […]

Dryhumping Cinder Blocks

Alternate title: Why you should neuter your dogs, or at the very least provide them with large stuffed animals. Brooke here. Zu is at the vet’s again, but this time for that oh-so-necessary elective surgery.  It was probably overdue.  The poor little guy had no idea what to do with his erections. He’d lay on […]

A For Effort, But No Prize

Brooke here: The Great Tadpole Wrangle was held today with much fanfare and little results.  In fact, if you count the cricket frog I accidentially smooshed to death, the net sum of frogs/pollywogs saved is zero. Over the weekend, Brown drained the pool down to (what we thought was) two feet of water in the […]