Thou Shalt Be CLEAN!

Brooke here:

Pool and fence projects are coming along well.  I’ve actually been swimming in the pool, although mostly to haul a sump down to the bottom to blow the pipes clean (perhaps a mistake: it was fresh water and the pool company had overshocked it with chlorine, so I spent the rest of the day glaring miserably at a series of sandwiches through foggy retinas).  One of the quick side projects was cleaning up some of the decorative concrete planters the previous owners had left behind.

As with most of the things on the property, these were -- say it with me!!! -- covered in ivy.

These are snazzy.  And I did a little browsing on the Internet(z) and found they can be quite expensive, particularly the concrete pedestals.  They were abandoned when the previous homeowners moved out, probably because they looked like they were in no great shakes, condition-wise.  But they are concrete, and we have a power washer, and it was a simple affair to have one meet the other.

Little baby planter, before.
Little baby planter, after.

Old and weathered concrete looks great, in my opinion, but old and weathered and dirty concrete just looks dirty.  These guys just had themselves a nice bath and can now bask in the elements to their stone hearts’ content.  But here’s something interesting; Brown and I noticed that two of the pedestals and two of the planters look almost new once cleaned, while the others seem to be made of a different type of concrete and appear to have suffered more extensive weathering.  We’re no experts on concrete but the older ones look as though they could predate 1995, which puts them in the Jarrell era, although it’s anyone’s guess when the newer ones were purchased.

New (?) and old (?) pedestals, and now I need to pressure-wash the sidewalk.

Cross another item off of the Neverending List of Things to Do!


4 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Be CLEAN!

  1. I like the way the pressure washer scooted the little baby planter across the top of the pedestal… just a reminder of the power of POWER TOOLS!!!

    Hope your hands are feeling better!

  2. Power washers are a wonderful thing.
    Also… holy crap- where WERE those things? Were they still buried when we were out there? That’s not a small thing to have disappear…

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