Brooke here: Right before the cops showed up — (Which is a rather boring story about Brown and Steve photographing flowers with the homeowner’s permission and a paranoid neighbor calling the police on them, but when you get the opportunity to start a post with “right before the cops showed up,” you use it.) — […]

Holes in Story Detected, Proceed to Hall of Records

Brooke here: In between the renovations, I’ve been keeping a notebook of the various sundries that have popped up in conversation regarding the house.  The inconsistencies are pretty glaring, especially when they show up in writing; I mentioned a while back how everyone swears up and down the Jarrells had this house custom-built, but that […]

Thou Shalt Be CLEAN!

Brooke here: Pool and fence projects are coming along well.  I’ve actually been swimming in the pool, although mostly to haul a sump down to the bottom to blow the pipes clean (perhaps a mistake: it was fresh water and the pool company had overshocked it with chlorine, so I spent the rest of the […]

National Poetry Month

Brooke here.  We made less progress on the stairs than expected.  6″x6″x8′ timber is heavy.  Go figure.  And I smacked my hand with a mallet.  And there was a tremendous storm last night where we lost some very large branches which need to be cleaned up…  And, and, and… And it’s National Poetry Month! It […]

He Liked Ivy. We Are Not Surprised

Brooke here.  Zu recovered beautifully and without the need for surgery, although for some reason the entire house now smells like Bac-Os.  Go figure. Last week, Mary and Elizabeth gave us a copy of Remembering Randall, the memoir of Randall Jarrell written by his wife, Mary von Schrader Jarrell.  There’s some serious weirdness in this […]

Careful, That’s A Load-Bearing Chessboard

Brooke here: While working in the Labyrinth, Elizabeth and I explored the future wine cellar.  Brown and I had done little more than glance in and shiver, but there was some interesting stuff in there.  We were, for example, especially interested in preventing an impending ceiling collapse (For the record, we’re almost positive the concrete […]