+1 Office (Brooke)

Brooke here:

It’s a week behind schedule (thanks Mister Ceiling!) but my office is finally finished.  Let’s flashback through a month’s worth of kludges, shall we?

Brooke's office, before.
First coat of paint applied with brush pad, and ceiling has been trimmed and rolled. Photo was taken mere moments before the ceiling started to crumble into dust-paste.
Ceiling has been ... repaired? No, bad choice of words. Ignored? Yes! Ignored. Trimwork is done, new fixtures are hung, and floor has been cleaned.
Final coat of paint has been applied with a roller.
And, with the addition of Costco's finest cheap-a** shag carpet, the room is finished.

The color is Behr’s “Laguna Blue.”  I went with a darker color to hide the flaws in the drywall and this blue covers them very well – you can’t even see the spots where I dug out the old drywall anchors with a utility knife.  All in all, I’m not a hundred percent with the way the room turned out (especially when you consider the ceiling), but the repairs, fan and lights, carpet, and new paint came in under budget so that’s good.

Next, onwards to the bathrooms!  And if you think the renovations have been brutal thus far, you guys ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

4 thoughts on “+1 Office (Brooke)

  1. Brooke did you choose this color because you are a huge closeted fan of “Laguna Beach?” I knew it! I just knew it! (o;

    It looks beeee-auuuuu-teeful!

  2. I understand. I bought a house in January. We had to gut the main bathroom down to the floor joists and start over. Fun fun fun.

  3. Look on the bright side, in a couple of years, when money is less tight, you can do it all over again… It is an amazing transformatiion already. Congratulations!

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