Old Dog, Much Loved

Brooke here. Thanks mainly to medical science but in no small part to higher-quality pet foods, humans aren’t the only ones living longer.   The average life expectancy for dogs is rocketing up; most dogs will live several years longer than they would have just a couple of decades ago.  Which worked out great for me, […]

Squirrel Butt

Brooke here: I talk a lot of trash about the house but it’s really amazing.  Yes, I have to get out in the yard and start battling fifty years’ worth of English ivy and wisteria.  Yes, the bathrooms are squalid holes.  Yes, we have a huge snake in the house and we have no idea […]

We Are Home

Brooke here: August was interesting.  I didn’t want to mention this online (aka: daring strangers to find where you’re keeping the unattended stuff), but we haven’t been living in the Jarrell house.  See, we had this great idea.  We’d buy the Jarrell house and do the major repairs while still living at our old house […]

Aw Come On!

Brooke here: As deadlines approach (and sadly, we do not have the option of listening to their delightful whooshing sound), our friend Elizabeth has signed on as a Hired Dude Extraordinaire.  She’s fairly terrifying: she works as a general contractor and within the space of five hours she had pressure-washed the entire pool deck, cleaned […]

A Few Status Shots

Brooke here: It’s roasting hot this week and summer sluggishness has rolled over the house projects.  Here, have some photos. This is my study, which is still a work in progress.  The first layer of blue has been applied with a flat brush.  The color will be more vivid once it’s been rolled with a […]

Here There Be Kludges

Brooke here.  Got to get Brown to start writing these up… With the master bedroom under control and the enormous pile of bricks flying itself out of the backyard thanks to a Craigslist post for free antique pavers, I’m now working on my office.  I’m excited as it’s going to be a remarkable deep blue; […]