A Few Status Shots

Brooke here:

It’s roasting hot this week and summer sluggishness has rolled over the house projects.  Here, have some photos.

Brooke's office, with Rottweiler.

This is my study, which is still a work in progress.  The first layer of blue has been applied with a flat brush.  The color will be more vivid once it’s been rolled with a second coat, and the rolling will happen after the ceiling is painted, and the ceiling will be painted after the fan and the lights come down, and the fan will be taken down when the house is no longer as hot as the surface of the sun.  And the green grass grows all around, all around…

While we’re in my office, check out the closet:

Practically a portal through time.

The blue on the lower section is paint.  Based on the layers of paint I sanded/cut/chipped through while spackling, the entire room matched it, back in the day.  I’d wager good money the wallpaper is original to the house, so it’s there to stay.   If there is any paint left over from doing the master bathroom, I’ll use it to cover the blue.

Last but not least, the eventual wine cellar.

Nothing pairs with a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon better than toilet runoff

… yeah …

Obviously, building a wine cellar isn’t anywhere near the top of the list of projects.  Or can be knocked out quickly and cheaply.  Or might be worth doing at all.  It’s a great space for it and if left unused it will just accumulate crap, but we’ll see.

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