The French Drains (I)

Brooke here.  I’ll eventually get back to the bathroom posts, but right now we’re all kinds of furious so you might as well enjoy the ride. So. Long-time readers will remember we’ve been having nothing but problems with drainage on the west side of the house.  Despite the previous owners’ insistence that they had installed […]

Probably time to start with the bathroom posts

Brooke here: The hallway bathroom has been remodeled.  It…  Oh boy.  Let’s start with how it originally looked when we first bought the house: Yeah, that’s a lot of yellow. It’s not a large bathroom, about 50 square feet, so the yellow was extra-concentrated.  The bathroom came with a built-in pantry closet (door on the […]


Brooke here. Last Monday night, a tree tried to crush us.  I have a tidy post written up about it but it won’t be posted until (if) the insurance is finalized.  Caveat: our insurance company is awesome, and the claims adjuster they sent out was very helpful and recognized what whats were what-what.  But for […]

The Precarious Death Stairs

Brooke here: The more I think about it, the more I think something dramatic needs to be done to the Precarious Death Stairs (PDS), and soon. One of the first things Brown did when we moved in was buy a powerful motion-activated LED to light the stairwell (which I removed when taking the picture as […]

Solved! Sort of.

Brooke here. Brooke: “Hey, a blog reader commented ‘Regarding the 3″ mystery: Is the stove centered under the ceiling peak?‘” Brown: “Hah. Yeah.  It is.” Brooke: “Okay, that explains why the cabinets aren’t aligned.” Brown: “No, it explains where they put the stove.  It doesn’t explain why they didn’t measure and install the right cabinets.”

Very Bad Photos Ahoy

Brooke here: Before the guests showed up for the Sharktopus party, we painted — what?  Shut up.  Yes, Sharktopus.  Careful where you raise that eyebrow, mister.  I know you own a copy of The Prince of Tides — the kitchen.  These are going to be some subpar photos, and for that I apologize, but the […]