Slowly But Surely

Brooke here with a brief progress report on the pool:

The day after the Great Tadpole Wrangle, Brown got out the pressure washer and went nuts on the stairs.  I shoveled out buckets of gunk*and the rocky debris that had fallen in during the brick haul.

Some days these projects seem to be worth it.

The plan is to work backwards towards the deep end, as pressure-washing the cement changes the surface texture from “oil slick” to “dry sunny sidewalk” and we can actually walk around down there now without busting a knee wide open.  But the weekend will be nasty – that’s set aside for tackling the black gunk cesspool in the deep end.  I am very, very lucky the stores don’t tend to carry women’s sizes in rubber workboots; Brown is very, very unlucky they do carry men’s.

After the tadpoles are rescued, the gunk is removed, and the entire pool pressure-washed, I’ll scrub the tiles with a muriatic acid mixture (it will be easier to clean them while they are lying flat).  Then I’ll rinse the tiles, scrape them off off the wall, and give them a vinegar bath to dissolve the old crumbly grout.  Then, more estimates on repairs.  We’re hoping all of this work cuts the labor costs in half, plus whatever we might have saved by reusing the tiles for the pool.  No regrets on recycling those tiles – they are classic.

* I keep saltwater aquariums so I know exactly what the gunk is made of, but I’m pretending I don’t so I won’t go crazy and run screaming through the streets while dousing myself in bleach.

3 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely

  1. If you do end up deciding you have to find boots, you could probably get some at a feed&seed store. You might have to get men’s size 5 or so. I’m sure I’ve seen tall rubber boots from kid’s sizes on up to enormous at Walmart, too.

      1. Yeah, my apologies.

        But just looking at those pics makes me want to go put on hip waders. I thought maybe it might be helpful to know that if she really needs ’em, she might be able to find ’em. Because, you know, ick.

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