Shriveled Wrecks of Flesh

Brooke here: We have devolved into creatures good for nothing but generating profanity and hurling fistfuls of money at Home Depot.  Over a hurried sandwich, I tried to explain to Elizabeth that Brown and I have been throwing ourselves into various home improvement projects since early April and it’s frustrating to still not see the […]

Adventures In The Fetid Hellswamp

Brooke here: If “busy” means “four hours of sleep,” then we’ve been rather busy.  There are a few deadlines looming on many of the house projects and those have to be completed on schedule or we are screwed.  However, we are finally entering the sunlit lands of Hiring People To Do Stuff, which is awesome.  […]

Slowly But Surely

Brooke here with a brief progress report on the pool: The day after the Great Tadpole Wrangle, Brown got out the pressure washer and went nuts on the stairs.  I shoveled out buckets of gunk*and the rocky debris that had fallen in during the brick haul. The plan is to work backwards towards the deep […]

A For Effort, But No Prize

Brooke here: The Great Tadpole Wrangle was held today with much fanfare and little results.  In fact, if you count the cricket frog I accidentially smooshed to death, the net sum of frogs/pollywogs saved is zero. Over the weekend, Brown drained the pool down to (what we thought was) two feet of water in the […]