Speaking of trees…

Jan 5, 2013… I am reminded of an old post from 2011 I wrote when the tree nearly fell on our house.  Almost as soon as I put it up, I remembered the Eleventh Commandment, where The Lord said THOU SHALT NOT DISPARAGE THY INSURANCE AGENT BEFORE THE CLAIM IS SETTLED.  So I hid it.  […]

Once, there were trees

Hey all, happy 2013. I know it’s been quiet around here. Lately, life has been very much all about the no.  But the good part about a new year is the ability to shake off the bad and move forward, so let’s do that. And it’s not as though the home renovations stopped along with […]

The Fence, Part I

Brooke here. A few weeks ago, we received notification from the city that our Crazy Poet Disasterhouse had been reappraised at much more than we had paid for it.  I floated on a cloud for about three days, thinking our hard work had finally paid off (hey, I don’t know how the government does this […]

Ivy hides a lot of sin

Brooke here: A quick post as we look for things to hurl… After last week’s discovery that we didn’t so much as have drains as we had stacks of plastic tubes and rocks, this morning Brown went around the rest of the property and yanked back the ivy to check whether the rest of the […]

Thou Shalt Be CLEAN!

Brooke here: Pool and fence projects are coming along well.  I’ve actually been swimming in the pool, although mostly to haul a sump down to the bottom to blow the pipes clean (perhaps a mistake: it was fresh water and the pool company had overshocked it with chlorine, so I spent the rest of the […]

The Vestigial Lawn

Brooke here: There are the beginnings of a lawn.  Wait, no, that’s not important.  Let me rephrase… there is now an area where there is no ivy. At one point, the space between the house and the pool was a lawn.  It really couldn’t have been anything but, as the ivy doesn’t have a firm […]

Bricks, Conquered

Brooke here.  After the bat and the black widow and the snakes, I was sure we were past creepy animal posts but there’s something in the back yard that clicks like the freaking Predator so don’t be surprised if there are news reports about my headless skinned corpse.  Well, it’s okay to be a little […]


Brooke here. Last Monday night, a tree tried to crush us.  I have a tidy post written up about it but it won’t be posted until (if) the insurance is finalized.  Caveat: our insurance company is awesome, and the claims adjuster they sent out was very helpful and recognized what whats were what-what.  But for […]

Aaaaaand ivy.

Brooke here: If you visit the blog and there are no status updates (and this is retrospectively applied to the past week), it’s because we are pulling ivy and I have run out of adorable cutsy comments about this plant. Removing ivy is a sucky process made all the more suckier as we have other […]

Phnglui mglw nafh Cthulhu R’lvy wgah nagl fhtag

Brooke here: After the last two weekends of pulling ivy, I’m fairly positive Lovecraft was nothing but a gardener with a poor imagination and a good friend who told him to add teeth and tentacles.  This is a dark and malicious plant.  We have a pile of ivy roots taller than the dogs and we […]