Speaking of trees…

Jan 5, 2013… I am reminded of an old post from 2011 I wrote when the tree nearly fell on our house.  Almost as soon as I put it up, I remembered the Eleventh Commandment, where The Lord said THOU SHALT NOT DISPARAGE THY INSURANCE AGENT BEFORE THE CLAIM IS SETTLED.  So I hid it.  […]

Oh that’s just nasty.

Brooke here.  I was weeding the Vestigial Lawn and found this: It is: (a) definitely a tooth; (b) definitely the size of a human tooth; and (c) definitely looks like a human tooth.  Whether or not it is actually from a human is beyond my knowledge of disgusting things I’ve found in my backyard.  It’s […]

A Year with Zu

Brooke here.  It’s raining and nasty and I can’t get back out under the Japanese maple, so this is another post about dogs. Zu has been with us for a year. He’s decidedly not a Rottweiler and is not quite a Doberman, and there’s something sort of Shepard-y about his face.  He’s certainly a snugglet, […]

Matter of perspective, really.

Brooke here: I’ve been reluctant to write about this, as problems with the dog invariably reflect on the owner.  However, there’s nothing quite like watching a pit bull snap up a yorkie terrier and shake it like a dead rabbit to put things in perspective.*  More on this later. Zu developed some serious behavior issues […]


Brooke here. Me: Get out. Dogs: Hot. Me:  I know the last time you went to the bathroom.  You’re due.  Go. Dogs: We’re good.  Ask us again around midnight.  Maybe one or two in the morning.  It’ll be cool then. Me: Out. Dogs: This linoleum?  This linoleum I’m lying on?  It is awesome. Me: OUT. […]

An Email from Dante

Brooke here.  My friend Dante was in Ireland this past week and she sent me this email: Re: Your Ivy Problem. Could be worse. ps. Ireland is awesome. pps. If you like castles. ppps. Which I do.


Brooke here: The rough green snake Brown found in our front yard.*  It was very dear. We are unable to work on any of our large projects.  We have no idea when the pool guys are going to start work on this fetid mosquito hole in our back yard — there are leeches in there, […]


Brooke here.  The general consensus is that I have killed a black widow with my mighty shoulder. I was filling in the last two stairs with gravel, and I happened to look down at the bag I had just moved from Point A to Point B.  It was… yes.  That. I called Brown and left […]


Brooke here: After several rain delays the stairs are all but done, so there will be pictures of those tomorrow.  Today, though, is a picture of the bat who has taken up residence in the recycling. We keep the recycling outside because of the inestimable powers of Puppy Destruction!   I went to drop a load […]