Brooke here:

After several rain delays the stairs are all but done, so there will be pictures of those tomorrow.  Today, though, is a picture of the bat who has taken up residence in the recycling.

Cropped to hide the five empty Thin Mint boxes I HAVE A PROBLEM DAMMIT

We keep the recycling outside because of the inestimable powers of Puppy Destruction!   I went to drop a load of empties in there and caught myself a second before the really big, really fluffy bug was covered in old soup.  Hey, this is the South — if it’s smaller than a breadbox and it’s not a snake, it’s a bug, but I autocorrected to “bat” when I saw one of its ears tracking me.

It might be hurt so we’re just going to let it be until it flies away or until seven days from today when Brown puts on his extra-heavy-duty work gloves and finds a plastic bag.  In the meantime, I’m currently browsing online plans for bat houses; we build a couple of these and our summers might be mosquito-free.

Cross your fingers for tiny bat health.  The poor little thing does not look well.

4 thoughts on “Bat!

  1. Unless I miss my guess, that handsome fellow is a Big Brown Bat. (Big being relative, in this case…) They frequently roost inside human habitations, and I’ve had to escort a few lost specimens firmly outside in my time.

    You could try bringing him some mealworms if he’s not moved on tomorrow, although he may be awfully dehydrated by then. (Probably goes without saying, but if you MUST handle him for any reason, wear thick gloves and drop a towel over him, and for god’s sake, don’t get bitten.)

    If he actually expires in your recycling, put on your gloves and check his nose for white gunk, then drop a line to the people at Bat Conservation International if you find any—white-nose fungus is heading south and they might appreciate the data point.

  2. you might also call the museum of natural sciences in Raleigh and see if they can direct you to someone who can help.

  3. A bat once stayed on our porch all day, clinging to the siding; we think the little guy must have gotten confused in the night somehow. He vanished the next night. We like to think he found his way home.

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