Is That The Same House?

Brooke here.  We’re doing some pretty major landscaping stuff, but I left my camera out in the rain and cute descriptions of landscaping projects just don’t do it. So I hope at least somebody out there is a fan of The Property Brothers.  I was giggling when I was making these but, you know, simple minds and Brown and I watch almost nothing besides DIY Network and HGTV in our little Disasterhouse here.

property brothers filet mignon filet-o-fish meme

property brothers car ferrari buick meme

property brothers vacation tahiti cleveland meme

I’ll have Brown take some pictures with his phone and write up some full posts this week.  Now, back to coloring the comic!


One thought on “Is That The Same House?

  1. I’ve always felt like the first part of any Property Brothers episode is sort of like watching Lucy hold the football for Charlie Brown.

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