The Dogs are Internet Famous

Brooke here.  From today’s Devil’s Panties

Cutter is a regular at The Panties, but this is Zu's debut.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Internet Famous is exactly like being famous in real life except no one knows who you are, you get nothing from it, and it lasts exactly as long as you can stay witty or cute.  Since Zu is almost six months old and his puppy charms are fading… tick-tock, baby.


6 thoughts on “The Dogs are Internet Famous

  1. Heh, I read that DP strip and had a knowing chuckle. Though I imagine the significance would be lost on anyone who A) doesn’t read AGAF (shame on them) and B) subscribe to this blog.

    @djheydt Angry Birds is a wildly successful mobile game – you’ll notice Jenny is using an iPad to play it.

  2. I actually had a clerk take my credit card t’other day and go “Are you Ursula Vernon from Digger?!”

    Internet famous does work in real life! Just…once every seven years. Like Vulcan sex.

    1. “For some of us, much, much more.”

      I actually did credit this joke to you when I told it to Jennie. I think this is the one without the gannet.

      … not that you’re a gannet …

  3. My fear is that I’ll be that old chick playing all the awesome new video games years from now.
    My hope is that I’ll be able to play all the awesome new video games years from now.

    On another note, it was really awesome meeting the two of you at WTHcon. I guess Zu’s not the only internet famous one, lol. Aaaaand now I sound creepy.

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