In Praise of Rottweilers (II)

Brooke here:

Another post about dogs, mainly as we have done very little on the house this week.  Brown will be posting soon-ish, I think, which is good as right now he is my Canadian Husband.  He does exist, I swear!  You’ll like him.

But we did get another dog.

rottweiler puppy on towel
Shhh! Don't wake the giant adorable!

Meet Hanamizu.  Which translates to “nose water.”  Or, Snot.  We’ll just call him Zu.

Not to tempt any Dog Gods or whatnot, but thus far he’s been an angel.  He hasn’t even had an incident of the hindquarters, so to speak.  All I remembered about puppies was that they require an insane amount of energy and maintenance… I had forgotten they could also be good dogs, not just cute ones.

Cutter seems to be tolerating him.  We’re following the advice of bringing a new dog into an ancient dog’s home; get a puppy, as the old dog will see it as a pest instead of a threat.  He was thrilled to pieces when we came home with Zu, but as we made a pass through a fast food joint to pick up some fries for him as a distraction, this was probably due to the delicious-smelling bag and not the shivering Thing.

3 thoughts on “In Praise of Rottweilers (II)

  1. This picture is giving me roughly the same reaction I have to my neighbor’s young Bernese Mountain Dog. The succinct form, edited for my dignity, is roughly: ZOMG GIANT PUPPY.

    (The less dignified form is more like SQUEE ZOMG DOGGYDOGGY MUST PET FUZZYFUZZY YAY. Apparently my inner child is about two years old.)

  2. Biggest little booger I’ve ever seen, since my parents’next door neighbours had a nest of Saint Bernards….

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