Stump grinding!

Brooke here. When we had the trees removed, we also had the stumps ground down.  We’re trying to stop the basement from flooding, and to do that we need to grade the front lawn, and to do that we need to bring in two dump trucks full of dirt, and to do that we need […]

Once, there were trees

Hey all, happy 2013. I know it’s been quiet around here. Lately, life has been very much all about the no.  But the good part about a new year is the ability to shake off the bad and move forward, so let’s do that. And it’s not as though the home renovations stopped along with […]

The Landing (I)

Brooke here: Thanksgiving looms.  Thanksgiving looms large.  We had two major projects to finish before family arrives.  The first was the small bathroom, and the second was the landing between the primary fence posts.  The weather was lovely last week, so we flipped these and went after the landing first. Let me put up a […]

We might prefer the flaming vampire babies

Brooke here: Mike Holmes has probably reached a point in his career where he can walk into a room infested with flaming baby vampires, casually evaluate the corollary property damage caused by the fire, and make the call to the Canadian contractor who specializes in flaming baby vampire removal, all without batting a muscular eyelid. […]


Brooke here: Right before the cops showed up — (Which is a rather boring story about Brown and Steve photographing flowers with the homeowner’s permission and a paranoid neighbor calling the police on them, but when you get the opportunity to start a post with “right before the cops showed up,” you use it.) — […]

The Garden Stairs

Brooke here.  This post has a lot of pictures but the garden stairs have been dominating the home projects since the trees came down, so that’s okay. Want to see what our garden stairs used to look like? Nope, those are the old stairs.  Want a closeup? Need to get closer?  We can do that, […]