Keep Your Distance

Brooke here. No pictures this time, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Yesterday morning, Brown calls me into the living room and points out what he thinks is a raccoon on the other side of our backyard fence. From twenty feet and a window away, it looks like a possum to me; it’s on […]

The “What If” Game

Brooke here.  The Canadian Husband is still at large. Keeping a home improvement blog in the winter is difficult.  There is still stuff to do – soooooo much stuff to dooooooo!!! – but the vegetation is on its way to dormancy, we don’t want the windows open to let the pant fumes out, and … […]

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy

Brooke here: Last weekend, I sat in the garden of the Orange County Social Club and talked with a very pleasant woman who keeps goats.  Based on her experience with the finer points of keeping goats, the whimsy of the Rent-a-Goat ivy management option has wandered off down the road, bell a-ringin’.  I described the […]

The Labyrinth

Brooke here: It struck me this morning that I had yet to mention the Labyrinth (well, as it’s more of a tunnel than a maze, it’s more of a La than a Labyrinth, but Labyrinth sounds cooler and has 80% more David Bowie).  The house has this amazing wide, covered front porch, complete with swing. […]