Return to the Return to the +5 Pile o’ Bricks

Brooke here.  Sorry for the silence; we’ve had a family loss to attend to.   But we’ve still been working, so let’s get away from the ivy: Remember the big pile o’ bricks left over from removing the pool patio?  No?  Okay, let’s do a quick recap. Our heroes fools bought a house with a […]

Ivy, with a Smattering of Theft

Brooke here: The ivy removal continues, but slowly.  Things hit a snag yesterday when I went after an enormous tangle of ivy and wisteria on another section of the fence. I was making some decent progress until the fence started to wobble and I realized the ivy was structural.  The metal poles on the right […]

To the Planning Machine!

Brooke here: I have to keep reminding myself it’s January.  Sixty degrees and sunny, but still January.  There’s at least another month before frost season passes and we can do some serious landscaping, but we’ve started to price out the projects. The first is the section of the fence closest to the house.  Most of […]

The “What If” Game

Brooke here.  The Canadian Husband is still at large. Keeping a home improvement blog in the winter is difficult.  There is still stuff to do – soooooo much stuff to dooooooo!!! – but the vegetation is on its way to dormancy, we don’t want the windows open to let the pant fumes out, and … […]


Brooke here: Now that most of the boxes are unpacked and it’s cool enough to work outside, we’ve thrown everything into basic landscaping.  The drainage project I mentioned in an earlier post was pushed back to allow for another few passes with the chainsaw, so the dirt will arrive sometime mid-week.  In the meantime, we’ve […]

+1 Bed

Brooke here: Brown was sick over the weekend, so we had to postpone Chainsawaganza.  In the meantime, I did some projects on the Neverending List of Things to Do that didn’t require heavy lifting.  One such project was repainting a metal bedframe.  We bought the bedframe new last year and we quite like the overall […]

The Precarious Death Stairs

Brooke here: The more I think about it, the more I think something dramatic needs to be done to the Precarious Death Stairs (PDS), and soon. One of the first things Brown did when we moved in was buy a powerful motion-activated LED to light the stairwell (which I removed when taking the picture as […]

Very Bad Photos Ahoy

Brooke here: Before the guests showed up for the Sharktopus party, we painted — what?  Shut up.  Yes, Sharktopus.  Careful where you raise that eyebrow, mister.  I know you own a copy of The Prince of Tides — the kitchen.  These are going to be some subpar photos, and for that I apologize, but the […]

It’s Been So Nice!

Brooke here: Radio silence is delightful.  We moved two weeks ago Saturday and gave ourselves two weeks off.  We’ve done nothing since then but unpack.  Well, I painted the big hallway but the Scy-Fy channel was running The Stand and I had never seen the beginning so… Anyhow.  Yes.  Back to work as of this […]

Let’s Not Get Creepy

Brooke here: Except for the bathrooms, which don’t lock at all, every door in the house has a deadbolt.  We’ve been here long enough to not notice them, but when you first walk down the hall there’s an unnerving tap on your midbrain because your subconscious would really like to know why you’re in a […]