Speaking of trees…

Jan 5, 2013… I am reminded of an old post from 2011 I wrote when the tree nearly fell on our house.  Almost as soon as I put it up, I remembered the Eleventh Commandment, where The Lord said THOU SHALT NOT DISPARAGE THY INSURANCE AGENT BEFORE THE CLAIM IS SETTLED.  So I hid it.  […]

Once, there were trees

Hey all, happy 2013. I know it’s been quiet around here. Lately, life has been very much all about the no.  But the good part about a new year is the ability to shake off the bad and move forward, so let’s do that. And it’s not as though the home renovations stopped along with […]

Projects, with the… and the…

Brooke here: June was the most expensive month of my entire life.  At no fewer than three points did I write a check, pause, and think “This is the largest check I’ve ever written.”  All planned-for expenses, mind, but the first two times this happened I sort of curled up in a chair with a […]

Bricks, Conquered

Brooke here.  After the bat and the black widow and the snakes, I was sure we were past creepy animal posts but there’s something in the back yard that clicks like the freaking Predator so don’t be surprised if there are news reports about my headless skinned corpse.  Well, it’s okay to be a little […]

Stumpwall Fodder

Brooke here: As I wandered around the yard this past Thursday night, I kept thinking If we had to sell our house right now, no one would buy it.  This is horrible.  It looks like a disaster area.  If something happens and we had to move, we are so screwed.  Gloomy thoughts, I know, but […]


Brooke here. Last Monday night, a tree tried to crush us.  I have a tidy post written up about it but it won’t be posted until (if) the insurance is finalized.  Caveat: our insurance company is awesome, and the claims adjuster they sent out was very helpful and recognized what whats were what-what.  But for […]

Return to the Return to the +5 Pile o’ Bricks

Brooke here.  Sorry for the silence; we’ve had a family loss to attend to.   But we’ve still been working, so let’s get away from the ivy: Remember the big pile o’ bricks left over from removing the pool patio?  No?  Okay, let’s do a quick recap. Our heroes fools bought a house with a […]

Aaaaaand ivy.

Brooke here: If you visit the blog and there are no status updates (and this is retrospectively applied to the past week), it’s because we are pulling ivy and I have run out of adorable cutsy comments about this plant. Removing ivy is a sucky process made all the more suckier as we have other […]

The One With The Digital Thermostat

Brooke here.  This is the one when the heat went out. The new house came with a digital thermostat, which seems nice, but wasn’t.  Seems as though a device that’s designed to save you a few dollars a month shouldn’t end up costing you a hundred bucks out-of-pocket, but maybe that’s just me.  Anyhow, this […]

Japanese Maple, with Dogs

Brooke here: The Thanksgiving festivities have ended for another year.  I think I can say with a fair degree of certainty that for those families who play host, Thanksgiving is better known as That Time When You Clean Every Inch Of The House Twice in 48 Hours.  During the Holiday Of Cleaning, our friend Steve, […]