The Gates

Brooke here: We now have a This. It has been a terrible couple of weeks over here, with family and dog issues dominating most of our daily shenanigans.  We’ve been sneaking in some repairs whenever possible, and have finally hung the gates.  We need to add the latch, the hinge hardware still needs some (very […]

The Landing (I)

Brooke here: Thanksgiving looms.  Thanksgiving looms large.  We had two major projects to finish before family arrives.  The first was the small bathroom, and the second was the landing between the primary fence posts.  The weather was lovely last week, so we flipped these and went after the landing first. Let me put up a […]

The Vestigial Lawn

Brooke here: There are the beginnings of a lawn.  Wait, no, that’s not important.  Let me rephrase… there is now an area where there is no ivy. At one point, the space between the house and the pool was a lawn.  It really couldn’t have been anything but, as the ivy doesn’t have a firm […]


Brooke here.  The general consensus is that I have killed a black widow with my mighty shoulder. I was filling in the last two stairs with gravel, and I happened to look down at the bag I had just moved from Point A to Point B.  It was… yes.  That. I called Brown and left […]

The Garden Stairs (2)

Brooke here.  In the previous post, I described the garden stairs with broad strokes of the brush.  Now let’s go over some of those fine fiddly bits which are so critical in those paintings of wide-eyed fluffy kittens. These images are all of the installation of the third frame, so at the time these pictures […]

The Garden Stairs

Brooke here.  This post has a lot of pictures but the garden stairs have been dominating the home projects since the trees came down, so that’s okay. Want to see what our garden stairs used to look like? Nope, those are the old stairs.  Want a closeup? Need to get closer?  We can do that, […]