The Bathroom Cabinets (1/3)

Brooke here.  I have all of these pictures and blog post ideas ready, and then I realize I should probably, you know, actually write them. Let’s start with the posts about the bathroom cabinets.  This is the first in a three-part series, with audible screaming. When we started planning the bathroom renovation, we priced out […]

The one with the plumbers and the yelling.

Brooke here.  Say what you want about Friends, but their episode titles are lovely and straightforward.  They let you know immediately which episode you were skipping. So.  This is a Hired Dudes post. There were two major snags in the bathroom remodel.  The first is the cabinets and OHBOYHOWDY are those going to be three […]

The Gut Job

Brooke here.  This is the second bathroom remodeling post. Did you know that one of the recommended ways to remove a cast iron bathtub is with a sledgehammer? This is mainly a Hired Dudes post, as we did none of the demolition ourselves.  We could have easily done all of this over a messy, angry […]

Probably time to start with the bathroom posts

Brooke here: The hallway bathroom has been remodeled.  It…  Oh boy.  Let’s start with how it originally looked when we first bought the house: Yeah, that’s a lot of yellow. It’s not a large bathroom, about 50 square feet, so the yellow was extra-concentrated.  The bathroom came with a built-in pantry closet (door on the […]

The Little Bathroom

Brooke here. As promised, here is the rant about Homax “Tub and Tile,” which seems to have been taken off of the market since the time I purchased it.  No surprise, really, considering that people actually want to use their bathrooms after they refinish them. When the renovation was begun, the bathroom looked a little […]

Well, that was a nice break

Brooke here: My apologies for the silence, but I needed a few weeks off.  From blogging, not from home repair.  Every so often there’s a swelling of arghwtfblechtothemartinimobile! that comes from chronicling various stages of destruction, and it’s best to not touch a keyboard during such moods. Case in point: we finished one larger project.  […]

Not Dead! But weeding isn’t sexy.

Brooke here: It’s not.  Weeding isn’t sexy.  Sexy in the sensationalism way, I mean; who am I to judge if your fantasy world involves killing dandelions?  But it’s not fake-sexy, it’s really not fake-sexy, and neither is housecleaning or raking or leaf-blowing or any of the hundreds of maintenance tasks that you have to do […]

Thank goodness for fall

Brooke here.  This post might be slightly less coherent than usual, and you have my sincere apologies for the arm-waving and random spitting. Back in college, my friend Maureen was a chemistry major.  She told me once, over lunch, that she probably shouldn’t be handling some of the chemicals she used in her experiments.  One […]

I was gone for three days!

Brooke here: While I was standing in the bird decoy store waiting for the SWAT team to leave — (Which is a rather ridiculous story about a dude who made a very poor judgement call by placing a geocache under the floor of an ice cream shop… while wearing camouflage… and failing to label the […]