Ivy hides a lot of sin

Brooke here:

A quick post as we look for things to hurl…

After last week’s discovery that we didn’t so much as have drains as we had stacks of plastic tubes and rocks, this morning Brown went around the rest of the property and yanked back the ivy to check whether the rest of the drains also expressed the same high standard of quality we have come to expect:


We’re sort of caught between a zenlike state of peace at finally identifying the cause of our drainage problems and balls-out berserker rage.  Brown is currently at the hardware store, pricing out the materials it will take to fix this mess and lay in some proper drainage.  I have asked him to stay away from the axes and sledgehammers.

4 thoughts on “Ivy hides a lot of sin

  1. I’m very sorry to hear this, while at the same time rather glad. If this horrendous method of drainage continued it would be even worse. A cautionary tale for home buyers, always check under overgrown areas for nasty surprises. Best of luck with this. You failed to tell him to keep away from chainsaws…

  2. Can’t you get some kind of refund from the previous owner, or maybe the guy you hired to assess the property before you bought it?

    Love the comic, came here from the comic, stayed for the writing

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