Okay, Things Got Creepy

Brooke here:

Remember the previous post?  The one in which we discuss how to plug a bunch of deadbolt voids? I didn’t think it important to mention at the time, but those deadbolts didn’t actually lock.  When we closed on the house, the previous owners threw handfuls of keys at us, none of which worked in the deadbolts.  After closing, they continued to mail keys to us.  Again, these didn’t work in the deadbolts, even when labeled as such.

You will be visited by the Ghost of New Criticism Past, the Ghost of Modernism Present, and the Ghost of Illusionism Future. Bring coffee... they get pissy if you fall asleep while they are lecturing.

Cut forward to yesterday.  Saturday is laundry day, and I fished an orphaned key out of the dryer.  I handed it to Brown, who looked at it, looked back and me, and asked what I wanted him to do with it.

“It’s not mine,” I said.  “It’s got to be one of yours.”  Even if we lived with dozens of other people, I’d still place money on this: he’s a sys admin, he clinks when he walks.

“It’s not mine,” he replied, then started trying the key in various locks.

And, of course, it worked in the deadbolts.

And that’s about all that can be said about it.

5 thoughts on “Okay, Things Got Creepy

  1. Bonus points if you owned the dryer at the prior house/bought it off of Craig’s List.

    Best setup for a “Is this your card (in the mouth of the mummified corpse behind the previously dead bolted door)?” joke ever.

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