Hey Honey?

Brooke here:

Brown: “Hey honey?  How big was that snakeskin you and Eli found?”

Brooke: “I don’t know.  Seven, eight inches.  Why?”

Brown: “How fast do snakes grow?”

Brooke: “It depends on the snake.  Why?

Brown: “Have you been up in the attic yet?”

Brooke: “Why?”

No reason.

14 thoughts on “Hey Honey?

  1. Get a nice forked stick. A pity the most dangerous snake around here is the adder. And they are very rare… As a matter of fact there is a higher chance of finding an escaped python in your toilet than an adder. Which is kinda sad really. And its probably a Coluber constrictor, not dangerous at all, unless you have small pets.

  2. Djheydt, the ‘here”refered to north western Europe and the pity was referring to the fact that we already managed to exterminate most of our snakes in the middle ages. I am fully aware that far more dangerous snakes live in North Carolina and I hope with you that whatever is in their attic is none of those species, but it is still most likely to be a blacksnake from what I understand.

    At any rate don’t go snake hunting without due knowledge!

  3. Well, Joris, if you really *want* some more snakes in Europe, perhaps we can export some for you from elsewhere. (Think carefully before saying ‘yes.’ 🙂 ) I understand beavers have been reintroduced into Scotland and are doing very nicely.

  4. Certainly us Texans wouldn’t mind giving you a few of ours! We get some nice big ones down here.

    Good luck with your apparent serpent infestation. Houses are not normally the preferred habitats of poisonous species of snake, so you should be okay. Just remember, “Red touches black, you’re okay Jack. Red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow.”

  5. It’s not a coral snake, because they do not get that big, and there is also the fact that there are no coral snakes here. Coral snake would be the worst case scenario. I would have to see the skin in person, but it also looks a bit too fat for a copperhead. Could possibly be a rattlesnake, but since they are rare in the area, it is most likely a rat snake. Hope this makes you feel a little better!

  6. Take the skins to a university if there’s one nearby. Or a Zoo. See if there’s a herpetologist willing to look at them. Wouldn’t hurt.

  7. I also vote black rat snake. We’ve got a couple in the yard here, they get pretty large, the scales are quite large proportionally, and if you’ve got one in the attic, he’s probably keeping your mouse population down. (I’m not saying you want to KEEP him, necessarily, but he’s fighting the good fight, as snakes go.)

    The only local poisonous snake that I think would get that size would be a cottonmouth and being a water snake, I suspect they don’t spend much time hanging out in attics.

    On the other hand, it being your life, I wouldn’t rule ANYTHING out entirely.

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