Precarious Death Stairs, Revisited.

ETA: The blog is being rebooted as an incentive for my Patreon Supporters. All posts go live after a week, but Supporters at the $10+ tiers get early access. Thank you! Brooke here. This isn’t the first post I wanted to put up on the rebooted blog. There is so so so much that needs […]

The “What If” Game

Brooke here.  The Canadian Husband is still at large. Keeping a home improvement blog in the winter is difficult.  There is still stuff to do – soooooo much stuff to dooooooo!!! – but the vegetation is on its way to dormancy, we don’t want the windows open to let the pant fumes out, and … […]

The Precarious Death Stairs

Brooke here: The more I think about it, the more I think something dramatic needs to be done to the Precarious Death Stairs (PDS), and soon. One of the first things Brown did when we moved in was buy a powerful motion-activated LED to light the stairwell (which I removed when taking the picture as […]

Solved! Sort of.

Brooke here. Brooke: “Hey, a blog reader commented ‘Regarding the 3″ mystery: Is the stove centered under the ceiling peak?‘” Brown: “Hah. Yeah.  It is.” Brooke: “Okay, that explains why the cabinets aren’t aligned.” Brown: “No, it explains where they put the stove.  It doesn’t explain why they didn’t measure and install the right cabinets.”

Very Bad Photos Ahoy

Brooke here: Before the guests showed up for the Sharktopus party, we painted — what?  Shut up.  Yes, Sharktopus.  Careful where you raise that eyebrow, mister.  I know you own a copy of The Prince of Tides — the kitchen.  These are going to be some subpar photos, and for that I apologize, but the […]